Friday, March 29, 2013

Why hello there.........

Oh how I've missed you all! I hope you've missed me! Well alas I have been MIA for quite sometime. Life just gets a little hectic sometimes and the last thing I want to do is blog.... 

So what's been happening since the last time I blogged... well

Started renovations on our house
Turned 30 in February. Yes I know, I don't look a day over 21 :) 
Started a veggie garden
Became a care taking regional manager whilst my regional was away. Learnt so much!
Growing my hair out
Trying to change my eating habits
Started a new blog about quitting sugar and eating more whole foods
Finally got a decent camera Nikon D5100

The main reason I hadn't been blogging because I was comparing myself so much to other bloggers, and it was getting to me. Come on, don't tell me you've had blogger envy! But, I've grown a little wiser since my long break. It's time to stop comparing myself to other bloggers. My main concern was taking photos. I had the crapest little digital camera. The best thing it can do is take under water photos. For my 30th I asked for either a puppy or a Digital SLR camera. Unfortunately I didn't get the puppy *sad face* but got the camera I wanted. I still don't know what the hell I am doing with the camera. It's fun playing with all the different settings. I've finally got to take some shots in my backyard today. I had even more fun playing around with the Nikon photo editor. 

I've also been dreading taking photos of myself as I am growing my hairstyle out. Time for a change I think. I'm still staying short but adding some more length  I'm going something like this.


Obviously not that colour, just the style. 

But my big news is...... I've started a new blog called Sugar Free Babee. It's just about my journey trying to quit sugar and start eating more whole foods. So please follow me if you're interested in foods and changing your eating habits to whole clean eating. I'm not going too hardcore just yet. It's all about slow changes so they become a normal part of your life. 

The amazing Brielle from Studio Eleven created my new blog design. You should check out her Etsy Shop Studio Eleven. If you mention me (pipalachic)  in the 'notes to seller' at the checkout, you'll get a free signature and favicon!! Sounds like a pretty sweet deal to me.

What's everyone up to for Easter?? The husband and I are heading to Newcastle this afternoon for my first EVER Soccer game (I think alot of other countries call it Football). Newcastle Jets vs Western Sydney Wanderers. Pretty excited for that. Then work on Saturday then off Sunday Monday. 

Hope you all have a lovely Easter! Don't eat too many Easter eggs, I know I will be!



  1. It's so good to see you posting! x

  2. Welcome back!! I've dropped on the blogging radar, but pop back in every now and then.

    Cute dress by the way :)

    Talitha xx

  3. Lovely to see you pop back up in my reader! I've missed you! xxx

  4. Can't wait for the summer when I see this. Such a cute dress. Thanks for posting the photos and feel free to drop by me too.

  5. welcome back! I think your hair looks fab!

  6. Nice to see you back!! I've also experienced blogger envy, I think it happens to all of us! I take all my photos on my iphone...I think they look alright :P haha
    I'll definitely go and follow your other blog, I'm also on the no-sugar & wholefoods bandwagon (but its been my lifestyle now for a while... no turning back!)

  7. Hey Lovely, Bali is going to be amazing I went last year and fell in love with the place especially Ubud.

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  9. I miss reading your blog :( I just started back up again. You should too! :)


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Pip xxxx

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