Monday, November 12, 2012

One Year Today!

Today is our first wedding anniversary!
 We've been together for almost 13 years
Went to kindergarten to Year 12 together
We've grown up and been through so much together
I get told so much how lucky I am to have Ben
He's the guy EVERYONE loves
He makes laugh every day without fail
Life just wouldn't be the same without him.



  1. Happy Anniversary!!! You two are the sweetest couple :) I love seeing pics from your wedding, you both look so incredibly happy (and in-love!) xx

  2. Congrats, wow that year went really quickly!

    Always perfect when you marry your best friend :)

    Talitha xx

  3. Happy Anniversary I love your wedding photos so beautiful and very you. I just celebrated my 10 year anniversary I cant believe it, time flies when your having fun.

  4. what awesome wedding photos! That is soo sweet that youve known eachother your whole life, and really special. :) Happy anniversary!

  5. happy Anniversary! Hasn't that gone quickly? x

  6. That's so sweet, so happy for you both. Happy belated Anniversary..

    Thank you for following my blog, all the best in the new year! I will be posting more DIY projects, daily inspirations, knitting projects, tutorials and more.
    Lisa :)


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