Sunday, December 27, 2009

December and Christmas Update!

YAY! I am FINALLY back!! My internet is back to speed now and I am the happiest girl ALIVE. One exciting thing happened at the start of the week... which of course I could not fill all you lovely ladies in on because of my stupid slow broadband. On Monday the 21st about 6pm my town was hit by a mad hail storm. I came home just before it hit, and Ben was on your front porch watching the storm. He wants to be one of those storm and tornado chaser guys....He make me laugh so much. So anyway we had a little bit of damage. Where our computer is used to be a sun room/verandah and the previous owners turned it into a inside room which comes off our kitchen. All that leaked water so we had pots.pans, and containers all over the place. And a window in our bedroom smashed :( someone from the insurance company is coming to check out our house tomorrow.

Here are a few pics for you.

Our front yard... my poor little car. WE finally got a white christmas :p

Our back yard.

Christmas Day was like any other christmas for me... long and slow! But this year was my first xmas without my Mummy :( Dad and I took her to Sydney airport on the 23rd. She is spending 3 weeks in the Philippines with her family. My brother which is actually my half brother (we have the same Dad but different Mum's) he came up. Ben and I had xmas lunch at our place with my brother and Dad. So I was up at the crack of dawn cooking food. Then late afternoon saw Ben's family which is more exciting as my family is very low key and quiet. When Ben's family love hitting the booze and having fun so I brought my brother along. I didn't get too spoilt this year but I still got everything I wanted which was awesome.  

Ben got me a webcam so I can finally talk to one of my besties on Skype who is overseas. Off Ben's family I got an umbrella for our table in our pool and a 2010 diary. My parents gave Ben and I money and my brother got me a David Jones voucher, and this is what I treated myself with today.

I used my David Jones voucher and got more primer, foundation and stationary for me to write to my penpals.

I went into Kikki which is a stationary store and got more stationary, a shopping list pad to put on the fridge and then a meal planner pad. I plan all my meals out each week... yes I am freak and weirdo!

And got some clothes too...Hehehehhe

I did buy some other tops but I have already worn them and are dirty so I can't show them.

What's everyone up to for New Years Eve? I'm chilling at home with Ben New Years Eve then going to Sydney New Years Day for a music festival... I CAN'T WAIT!

I'm hoping to catch up on everyone's blogs today and tomorrow. Sorry for being so slack, I feel so much better the internet is back on now.

Enjoy the rest of your holidays everyone!

pip xxx


  1. Hi hun, i love your buys. The first dress and the tee with the legs on especially! x

  2. Oh love all your shopping finds. We hit the sales today and had a great time!

  3. LOVE your new buys!
    so jealous you had snow for christmas day, ours had melted away by then.

  4. Snow!! How lovely! That's red and white striped dress is too effing cute!

  5. Tee w/ the legs are just perfect.

  6. Sounds like you had a pretty good couple of days- that hail storm looks crazy though! And I love your new dresses, especially the blue one xx

  7. Great haul, you've chosen well there! Sounds like you had a lovely Christmas, even if your mum wasn't there. Now we can look forward to New Year's Eve! :)

  8. ahhh hope ur new years goes well!!!

    and yayyy for all the new stuff :)

  9. love all these :)
    really like the top with the legs on it!
    Just started following ur blog
    Steph x


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