Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Mine R Monkeys Wins Retail Award!

I finally went back to the gym tonight after about ah two or three months..oops. But I feel so much better, I let all my anger and frustration's out at the gym that I've had since the weekend.

Well for the last HOUR I have TRIED to scan our picture from the local paper from the Business Awards but got NADA! So I am just not going to bother, but here is a picture of the award I took at work. It is now sitting in our lovely front window at work.

I am still wishing and praying Summer hurry's the hell up as I am looking forward to wearing all my pretty and funky dresses. Fingers cross this week or next I will be enrolling into a online pattern making course to refresh my stale brain of my pattern making skills. And I am on the search for my very first sewing mannequin so I can actually do proper alterations of my own clothes.

I have tomorrow off with my boy! YAY!
Pip xxxxxx

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