Tuesday, August 18, 2009

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Why hello there! What's your name? YOu should leave a comment as I have now realised no one and I mean NO ONE could comment on my blog. The lovely and gorgeous blogger Indiglow Girl sent me a lovely email to let me know that she couldn't comment on my blog. So I have fixed the problem and everyone can now leave their supporting and lovely comments for me to read!

For you to leave comments at the bottom of each post it will say 0 comments so click on that and a pop out window should come out. You also have to be a registered user... SO get cracking. If this is a problem feel free to send me an email. I am new to this blogger world so all the help is needed.

I was looking through more photos to find something interesting to put onto todays post, and I found this dress I bought at the start of the year that I was going to wear to a friends wedding in Airlie Beach. I got it online and it was the last one in a size 10. Wishful thinking I was hoping it would fit me so I purchased it anyway. When I got it, it was too big :( only around the bust I just needed bigger boobs. But its soooooo pretty and it's def my style. So I am now back on the hunt for it. Its by honey and beau an australian label which I LOVE! Reasonable pricing too, but I guess everyone has different ideas on pricing. Spending $150-$200 on a dress doesn't phase me, but it does to my fiancé hehehehhe.

Hope you love the dress as much as I do! Have a lovely evening.
Pip xxx

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  1. I'm loving the colour of this dress.



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